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Shipping & Delivery

I Order Products From,How Would You Ship Them

    " If I order products from , how would you ship them to me? How much would it cost? Will I be able to trace my order? " ... more info

Can You Ship To

    Yeah,no problem,we can ship to your country. can ship single item samples or large orders to *WORLDWIDE*. Please note, it's your own ... more info

Is shipping included In the prices?

    If product name includes 'free shipping', then you will do not need to pay for shipping cost. Free available for every country. For products without ... more info

Shipping method and time

    How could I choose a shipping methode for an order? How long does it take after payement confirmation to ship the goods?   We ship items by DHL ... more info

My Apple Macbook Air order

    I just tranfer money through Western Union. I also emailed you the MTCN and all information. Please ship my laptop asap because I really need it in 5 ... more info

Sony xbr84x900

    I wanted the shipping insurance on the product but don't have the option to go back and add it. I will include it in the payment can you add the ... more info

What date will you start delivering?

    Hello, Many of my customers ask when will they have the tracking # but I don't have the answer to that. Would you let me know when you'll start ... more info


    Hello. I want to know which method do you send products to iran? DHL.TNT ....? and in Iran they take very expensive tax , how we can reduce this ... more info


    Hi, I would like to confirm how much the total would be to have my order delivered in zimbabwe.Is $50 the deliver charge for air courier?   yes, ... more info

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Hey, I am eagered to know If the iphone Xs max will support in Bangladesh cellular networks. Please kindly update me through my email "

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